Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Phase 10 Twist

While we are talking about Phase 10 I'll add the latest, Phase 10 Twist.

Similar to the classic Phase 10 game, you still complete specified sets or runs during each round of play. A few changes to the game include a gameboard that you advance your marker at the end of each round. This means you don't get "stuck" on a phase until you complete it. You ALWAYS move at least one place at the end of each round. If you complete the phase you move two, and if you "go out" you get to advance three spaces. To give the game the Twist, you have the opportunity to choose one of three phases to complete during the round if you land on the designated Twist. If you choose to take the Twist card, you can double your moves at the end of the round. If you don't complete the phase during the round you move back one. Having the Twist spaces, always moving your token to a new spot at the end of the round, and three discard piles makes this game move quicker and quite enjoyable.

No more Classic Phase 10 for me.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! Phase 10 with a little gamble in it. I like it. The game is always moving and you can go 'out.' I'm interested...