Friday, January 23, 2009

Phase 10 versus Phase 10 for kids

UNLIKE Sequence for Kids, Phase 10 for Kids is not even close to the original. The game Phase 10 is a great Rumikub style card game that is not mentally demanding and can be casual and competitive at the same time. But Phase 10 for Kids is NOT cool at all. If I could rate this I would give it one star less then Candy Land (don't get me started on Candy Land). This Phase 10 game is too simply I have to explain it for effect purposes.

Each player gets 4 cards. You have to get those 4 cards to be the same as the 4 cards on each phase. Yes, each card has a number, color, character, and shape which each phase is a combination of all 4. But for those that didn't catch that, you get the 4 and you're out. SO the game is completely luck based! The game then becomes "I win!" You get your phase and say "I win!"


Having said that, the market group of 4 year-olds love it.
The original is a lot more strategic and the phases get more complex as you go and seeing what the other players discard will help you decide what to or not to discard. And more importantly, once a player lays down there is a good chance that they round still goes and you can play on their lay down once you lay down. This game was introduced to me as a cult classic from a Rocky Mountain area, but I think is pretty national known. I think its a must in every game/card drawer/closet.

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  1. Sounds like it was designed to give the 4 year olds an ego boost.
    I learned about Phase 10 when someone from the Rocky Mountains visited the Plains.