Thursday, February 5, 2009


(The box is updated now)

This game, as Dawn said, is a really good game. It has a couple of variations based on the age of the children. Each player gets a barn, draws an animal, and is divided out the deck of cards face down. From here the variations change:

Preschool: Put the animal in front of your barn. You all have a stack of cards and take turns flipping them over in front of you. When there is a match on the table, the first one that calls out the other players animal wins the cards (war style). The trick is that you both put down pigs but you have to say horse if that is their animal.

K-2ish: Put the animal in front of your barn. This time everyone makes a sound for their animal. Snake is "ssss" or as my girls says for rooster, "Cock-a-cock-a-doodle-do!" Then when matches are out you have to make the sound they pick not the name of the animal.

Grade 3ish up: You now put hte animal in the barn, everyone only got to see it once at the beginning, and so you spend more time trying to guess what they have. Its a riot!!

Fun for the whole family.