Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sequence for Kids

Place a chip on the board to match the animal card you discard. First player to get 4 in a row wins the game. There's also the special cards that can help you win. The dragon allows you to remove a chip, the unicorn allows you to place a chip on any open space on the board, and there are free spaces in all four corners of the board.

I liked this game because it's not overwhelming to decide where to go next. You only have three cards in your hand at a time and there are only 2 of each animal on the board. We are able to play a couple of rounds in one sitting.


  1. We play the regular Sequence and LOVE it! I'll have to remember this version for when James get a little older.

  2. Are you going to start rating these? You ought to have a system... out of so many stars, this one gets a ....
    (thank you)

  3. I have my opinions on games that are a game that is adapted "for kids." This one doesn't look that bad... Does it go fast, slow or just as long as the original? That might be the deciding factor. The one with reg. cards does have a LOT of spots on the board, I could see it taking forever with my 4 year old.

  4. what if I don't care so much about the games, I just think the two of you are funny. Can I still be a blog stalker?
    GAME ON!

  5. mmm... I think if you're going to stalk this blog (and all of you other people that are doing it and don't want to ask for permission) I think you could at least give a suggestion of one game that "us two" could talk about.

    like "Hey, you two" would be a good start, "I hear Phase 10 is a great game. What do you think of Phase 10 for kids?"

  6. LL, I'm cool with you stalking still... Are you watching me right now?... How about now?... Hello, guys this isn't funny, Who's there? Is there someone outside? I'm going to lock the doors now.