Saturday, January 10, 2009


Trying to get rid of your "stockpile" of twenty cards is the object of the game while counting to 12 sounds super easy, but surprisingly this game seems to take forever. There are four piles that everyone builds in sequential order to twelve throughout the game. You may have up to four discard piles. During your turn you may use cards in your hand or discard pile. It's a little complex to explain, so click here to read the full directions and see a diagram. My school age children enjoy playing the game and I bought it with them in mind. Playing one round can take 30 minutes. Great game, but not my first pick.


  1. what does the "Skip Bo" card do? Wild?

  2. I found this for the Gameboy. Don't worry, I bought it in the used and it also has Uno. Games do tend to take a long time though.
    Yes, Skip Bo is the wild card.