Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mille Bornes

While shopping at Target this weekend I found Mille Bornes with the card games. It looks a little different than my copy and doesn't seem to have the French words on the cards.

Here's how you play: The object of the game is to reach exactly 1,000 miles. On your turn place a distance card to reach your goal. There are also five different types of hazard cards to slow down or stop other players during their trip(flat tire, out of gas, accident, stop light, and speed limit.) There are five safety cards to protect you from the hazards for the rest of the game. There are also remedy cards to cancel the effect of the hazard card that your kind opponent placed on your pile to keep you from winning.

You can also play this as teams, helping each other out to win the game. My kids love this game and it's easy to understand as you play.


  1. Que! J'ai cru que la Cible était (Target) une compagnie française?

  2. Funny! Thanks to google translate.

  3. We used to play this in my french class!